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Free AI-Powered Help for Filevine®

Our OpenAI-powered chatbot puts help, tips, and tricks for building and working on Filevine® at your fingertips. With VineHelper™, your staff can get their questions and queries about how to build and work with Filevine, Lead Docket, Outlaw, and more answered instantly, accurately, and all in one place!

New Features Coming Soon: Upload and maintain your firm's knowledgebase content with VineHelper™ and put the power of AI behind your systems, workflows, and office procedures.

New to VineHelper™?

VineHelper™ is an extension that runs on the Google Chrome browser. If you are a firm using VineHelper™ for the first time, follow this link to the Chrome Store to install the plugin now.

Learn More About VineHelper™

If you'd like to learn more about VineHelper™ and the company behind it (Vinetegrate®), check out our website for more content, video tutorials, and how-tos for how this powerful extension works before you install it.

Meet Vinetegrate®

We're Vinetegrate® the company behind VineHelper™. We've been building incredible apps for Filevine® since 2018. We also offer managed services and consulting for firms who want to build a better Filevine® experience.